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Home Inspection Requirements for New Jersey

Home Inspection RegulatedYes
License TypeHome Inspector
License Renewal CycleEvery Two Years
Is Distance Education AllowedNo
Is Field Training And Experience RequiredYes
Experience Required 180 Pre-license education hours shall include 40 hours of upaid field based inspections in the presence of a licensed home inspector.
Is CE RequiredYes
CE Hours Required40 Hours
Is CE Distance Education AllowedYes
Is Pre-Licensing RequiredYes
Pre-licensing Hours Required180 Hours
Regulating BodyState Board of Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors
Rules And Regulations13:40-15.6 and 13:40-15.14
ExamEBPHI (or test approved by committee)

*One continuing education unit per hour of course instruction as determined by the Committee to a maximum of 10 units per biennial registration period.

New Jersey Home Inspection Training

New Jersey Licensure (Chapter 8, Title 45) enacted in 1998. New Jersey's "Home Inspection Professional Licensing Act," sets specific educational and experience requirements in order to become a licensed home inspector. All home inspectors are required to: 1) complete high school or its equivalent; 2) serve as a licensed associate inspector for at least one year; 3) perform at least 250 inspections; 4) carry $500,000 in insurance; and 5) pass the National Home Inspector Examination. Inspectors do not have to be a member or candidate of ASHI in order to take the exam. In order to become a licensed associate home inspector under the law, an inspector must: 1) perform at least 50 inspections in the presence of a licensed inspector; and 2) pass the National Home Inspector Examination. Also, the law provides that, if home inspectors fail to disclose problems or accept payment from another party in the transaction, they can lose their license. Home inspectors are regulated by a five-member Home Inspection Advisory Committee, housed under the State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.
In 2003, Public Law 2003, Chapter 77 was passed, amending the grandfathering requirements and extending the grandfathering window by one year, until June 30, 2004. Home Inspectors now have until December 31, 2005 to obtain their licenses.
In 2005, Public Law 2005, Chapter 201 was passed. The law states that to be eligible for home inspector licensure an applicant has two options: (1) successfully complete an approved course of study not less than 180 hours, as prescribed by the State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, after consultation with the State Department of Education, which shall include not less than 40 hours of unpaid field-based inspections in the presence of and under the direct supervision of a licensed home inspector; or (2) perform not less than 250 fee-paid home inspections in the presence of and under the direct supervision of a licensed home inspector. The licensed home inspector who oversees these inspections must take full responsibility for the inspection and any report produced. In addition, the law stipulates that as a condition for home inspector biennial license renewal, an individual shall complete 40 credit hours of continuing education.
The law also changes current law, which states home inspector applicants must pass the examinations offered by ASHI. The law instead will require applicants to pass an examination administered or approved by the Home Inspection Advisory Committee, which would not necessarily be ASHI's exam.
The law eliminates the classification of "Associate Home Inspector." During the first 180 days after the bill's enactment, the Home Inspection Advisory Committee shall, upon application, issue a home inspector license to any person whose application for an Associate Home Inspector license had been approved by the committee prior to December 30, 2005 or who satisfied certain requirements and had completed 40 hours of unpaid field-based inspections under the direct supervision of a licensed home inspector prior to December 30, 2005.
For more information, contact the NJ Home Inspection Advisory Committee at –

Phone: (973) 504-6460.
Fax: (973) 273-8020
P.O. Box 45015
Newark, NJ 07101
Website: http://www.state.nj.us/lps/ca/nonmedical/hiac.htm

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